February 20, 2009
the expression you have when you think no one is watching is
innocent, unaware, and curious,
a combination of three controversial emotions.
not wild, insane, or as crazy as the world around you.
dazing off into space, just wondering'

i try to guess what you think of.
a little part of me wants it to be me,
not to sound selfish but i want to occupy your thoughts,
like you occupy mine. twenty four seven, almost.
i don't a day has passed where i don't resist an urge,
to touch you, lightly over the meadow of your skin.
i think of ways to briefly make myself a part of your day,
because that's all it takes and it's all I want.

your cuteness isn't just what sets you apart,
although it does a lot on it's own.
your intelligence is left undermined,
and somewhat underestimated.
but the slacker type suits you.
your smile can get you away with anything.

i remember the first time we sat down,
across from each other in sixth grade.
you said something about penguins when i noticed.

you kinda look like a penguin.

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Reagan W. said...
May 19, 2009 at 4:33 pm
This is sooo cute!
my friend says its kinda mean, though...
but i dont think you meant it to be mean..
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