Grown Up

February 20, 2009
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Her Barbie lies forgotten
His cowboy boots gather dust
A playroom full of toys gets cobwebs
And begins to smell of must
Her dress-up clothes grow moth holes
His Superman is left alone
They've all been swapped for newer things
A car, an iPod, a phone
Her princess crown has lost it's shine
His rocking-horse rocks no more
The toys are all neat in place
While they once littered to floor
Her teddy bear yearns for another hug
His bike for one more ride
But those things will never come
So in their places they will abide
She's grown up now and no longer pretends
He's an adult and won't look back
Now their kids replace them
And give the toys the love they lack
On it goes
It happen and happens again and again
The toys break and become trash
So lying in a garbage dump is where all the toys end

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