February 20, 2009
By Linnea Ransom BRONZE, Davis, California
Linnea Ransom BRONZE, Davis, California
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I look in the mirror
and I know its not much.
I know that in a glance
no one could know who I am.
not even the people I talk to
day after day,
my best friends.
the truth is that none of them know me either.
the whole me.
the real me.
they see me in bits and pieces.
in the words that I whisper to them
as I study my hands,
watching them move and shake
because that's how most things are in life.
there is so little that you can control
and so much you cannot comprehend.
I wish for a soulmate,
someone who could know everything
and anything about me.
but I know such a thing only exists in books
and fairy tales,
and though my head gets tangled
in the web of story
its just a story
and in real life there are some things
that are just to dangerous to tell
to anyone.

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