Heavy Heart Under the Red Seqouias

February 20, 2009
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A Mysterious wind of my rocky past
Continues to unwind along this broken path
Whispering in my ear,
Telling me things I wish I had told you earlier
Or not at all,
It continues to rain
Hail pelts the sky and the back of my neck
Your beautiful face no longer serves as my umbrella
As I continue walking down this path leading to nowhere
I keep seeing images of you in puddles now murky with sorrow
Looking up towards the sky
Clouds continue to weep
Teardrops mix with my own
Now streaming down my solemn face
Rolling and curving down to the corners of my mouth
Their saltiness reminds me that togetherness
Is not embodied into one spirit
But is a compromise of many to come
Wiping my eyes, I stand
Tall as the red sequoias that surrounds me
The sun peeks from behind clouds
No longer weeping with sadness
But instead drifting among life's new possibilities
A mockingbird sings high in a tree
Mother earth's smile shines bright in the sky
As the melody of the mockingbird's song swallows my anger

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