February 20, 2009
By xoxokaty PLATINUM, Indianapolis, Indiana
xoxokaty PLATINUM, Indianapolis, Indiana
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At first you were just another face to see
You never crossed my mind
Toward you, I had no feelings

On one sacred day I saw in you
Something I had not seen

You were opportunity, happiness, and unique
All this I saw with just one glance
At the time I didn't stand a chance

It was all just a crush
I didn't expect it to escalate
I was mistaken

First time around it just wasn't in US
Started because of lust
Ended, left in the dust

That feeling was still there
So here we are now

I see in you what I've never seen before

Both of US being hosts of imperfection
Yet everything seems so perfect

So then I wonder

Maybe we found each other too soon
Yes it hurts to say that

My eyes well up with tears
When I think about you
Possibly not being in my future
I hate to think like that
But I know you wont be

Lets pretend
Like we will last forever
Like nothing ever can come between

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