A Yellow Orchid

February 20, 2009
By Denmark Harris BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Denmark Harris BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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a yellow orchid is beautiful,
yet unique with spontaneous flare
freshly picked from my garden of love
with pedals as white as snow,
as light as a dove,
in awe one must surely stare
grown with water drained
from the fountains of adoration,
my distilled feelings of modesty
could not resist love's temptation,
as Sunlight tumbles down from Heaven's valleys and hills
blossoming with the quiet reserve of fruit renewed
raindrops the size of bullets collapse in puddles quietly stills
my hands plowed soil from Heaven's earthy veil
its passion for love as well known as Jonah and the Ark
or Ishmael and the Big White Whale
Sitting near a little rosary garden
as candlelight licks our faces
making love under the stars as fireworks erupt
and tis off to the races
angels carry diamond platters with champagne on ice
garbed in robes of silver, smelling like apple spice
conceived from the icy mountain tops of wintery romance
to rekindle the fire of our love
lest it be my very last chance

notice how the pedals glisten in the moonlight,
ocean waves were engraved into their skins
its intoxicating beauty such a wonderful sight
let not the beauty of tis flower come as a surprise
for tis I see in your heart, tis in your eyes it lies
the stem was magically enchanted by God's angels
so that when thy pedals unfold secrets spill pools of songs
a mockingbird shall recite its melody held within love's precious tongs
I give this to you expecting nothing in return
tis your love for me and life itself I oh so yearn!

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this piece is the beauty in each and every female and the beauty of nature itself.

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