Day at the beach

February 20, 2009
By Lauren Allard BRONZE, Nashua, New Hampshire
Lauren Allard BRONZE, Nashua, New Hampshire
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We get into the car after that wonderful day at the beach
And you ask me a question
A question I could never come back from
A question that's supposed to take time to answer
And it did
I thought of going to far
And I wanted to
I thought of going far enough I wouldn't be the same if I did come back
So far it could bring a new life, a new love, a new disease
Are they worth it?
All new responsibilities for a few moments of lust and passion?
Would he love me when it was over?
Or would he leave?
He thought it was worth it
Why couldn't I think as he does?
So quick and insecure, but so sure and ready at the same time
Why couldn't this be easy, like the day at the beach we had just had
All fun and no consequences, just as easily forgettable as it was planned
But no
I tell you no but you still love me
Love me enough to talk to me the whole way home and give me a kiss goodnight
Maybe I could've gone farther with you
I get out of the car after the wonderful day at the beach'

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