What will we see?

February 20, 2009
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Our grandparents watched as a depression was overcome
Our parents watched as a man landed on the moon
We watched in awe as a black man accepted his role as president.

What comes next?
Will our kids watch as scientists announce that cancer has been cured?
Or that we've colonized on the moon?
Will our grandkids see the world join together and be at peace?
Or will they see the end of prejudice?
Of disease?
Is that what my grandkids will see?

Our grandparents watched as a war was won.
Our parents watched as space was explored
We watch as a new age dawns.

One of technology and innovations.
An age of impending peace.
An era where we will find the cure to a disease.

I write this poem as I wonder,
if our grandparents have seen epidemics, disasters, innovations,
flight and wars.

If our parents have lived through the death of a princess,
the man on the moon, the millennium and more.

If I can live in a time where black men are president,
and women are free,
what will my grandkids see?
A world that is truly at peace?

I sit here writing this,
Obamas inauguration is on TV,
and I just cant help but wonder,
what will my grandkids see?

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Ashlynrae said...
Oct. 10, 2009 at 8:22 pm
I love it! What an interesting thing to think about.
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