A Life At Stake

February 20, 2009
By Amanda Coleman BRONZE, Attica, Michigan
Amanda Coleman BRONZE, Attica, Michigan
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There's no place to turn
Nowhere to hide
The walls are caving
The sun is out of sight

The clouds are rolling in
The rain is pouring down
The lightning rips the sky
Thunder crashes all around

Always tense and wreary
Having to watch my every step
Running from the demons
That are closing the space of time

It's going to happen soon
I fear the end is near
I can no longer hold it in
Or push the feelings down

I'm going to boil over
The recipe is just too large
A pinch of worry, a dash of anger
And several cups of fear

It's just way too much
For one person to handle
So, I'm standing here
Needing your help

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