Corrupted Means

February 20, 2009
By , poulsbo, WA
To be truthful, words without meaning have no meaning but words that have means of your own personality, reflects upon yourself.
Without cause and cruelty there is no placement of reality and mind.
The course of history has no placement but an eden of memorys.
It relates to something and none at all.
What does our meaning in this place! mean!?
What is the point in living if there is none! none at all!
What is my, your self revolution in this world.
Waiting and waiting for someone to come along.
As the corrupt world is monster.
There is no such thing as being able to distinguish between light and evil.
life ceases; like a fetus
you sleep in the womb of darkness
indeed loneliness is dear
it'll become you sole ally
one by one they smeared in blood
they were in this era
beautiful and omniscient as i am
oh the fight is like a banquet of hell
that bathes in the screams of shattered dreams

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