This Is Not A Game To Me

February 20, 2009
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You write what you feel
Don't write what you know
I choose to live by words
Whatever I want, love, and loathe
My greatest words don't come
Out of my lips
They bleed out of the silence
They bleed out of my fingertips

I've moved people to tears
All by just writing down my musings
Just to calm my racing mind all comatose
Years have gone by
But I lost it when I realized
I'm trapped inside
A lucid dream
With my eyes open wide

Since they wouldn't stay the same
I just want things to change
And every moment I'm still here
Is another fire in my brain
It's not that I'm afraid
Of everything I've gained
Just addicted to the feel
Of shooting ink into my veins

Should come as no surprise
All the bits of me inside
My blood now stains their hands
And minds, it drips down from their eyes
There's nothing I don't need
Because it's constant, never stopping
For every single jaw that's dropping
As they read

Now the paper is silent
As my mind is quiet once more
And as each day goes by
And as much as I try
To stop thinking of him for a while
These rooms remain empty
As the walls are all falling
And everyone's leaving just like you

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