Mirror Lake

February 20, 2009
By Samarie GOLD, Princeton, New Jersey
Samarie GOLD, Princeton, New Jersey
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We ran around all night
Foggy rumors filled the ears
Of everyone and anyone
Who cared enough to listen

We drank champagne
While we hid from scolding eyes in the dark loft
With one window to the night
One window to the lights

It was scalding and tender
But then stars came out in my eyes
And the voice that came out of my throat
Wasn't my own

We went up and down in mirrored elevators
Acting like the glorious girls we were
Ravished and exuberant
Red-faced and unusually arrogant

Boys whistle sitting
Getting stoned around the alpine steps
Try to be hot and sleazy
How about desperately easy?

You got down on your knees to pray
To somebody you don't even want
As I get bullet holes through my neck
For each shameful thing I've ever done

Your world and consequences made my mind come back
As you stood around getting lost in visions
Of fake perfection and pride
For the loss of your childhood, good for you

That was when the lake called out
Asked me to take a look in the film of water
That covered the ice, the unfrozen layer
A mirror unmoving

My skin turned blue under the navy sky
Which soon fell asleep behind the rains
That would come to crack the ice
And it would accept me at once

How I wanted this lake to hold me!
I wanted then to slip in
Through the rain-cracked ice
Awakening as it freezes your bones

To fall to the lolling wakes
To float away as this shell
This awful, ugly shell
Drops and rests as sand spirals

I can't, I had no business
With what I'd found
You hadn't even realized I had gone
To the lake, to finally see myself

Your intoxicated mind saw me as a threat
For what? I'm still a child
You think you're mature?
You think you hold my hands now?

Don't you dare keep me close
'Cause I'm no threat
Don't keep living by that code
A true friend betrays the hardest

How grown-up can you be now?
I held you up as you made that walk of shame
To view yourself as you wanted to be
The fluid of a pretender still wet on your lips

The alcohol had all burned up
We watched our tired, young eyes in the mirror
Of the elevators and watched in terrified amazement
As our friends could no longer see us

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