February 20, 2009
By Samarie GOLD, Princeton, New Jersey
Samarie GOLD, Princeton, New Jersey
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I'm silent when I'd rather speak
'Cause Anna's always there
She watches me to make me weak
With her happy stone-cold stare
She judges every word i say
Denying how I feel
She stops me when I try to pray
And tells me God's not real

When I look into the mirror
Anna stands behind
I hear her voice, it whispers:
"Let me help you cross the line"
Anna eats away the hunger
She takes away the pain
Before I start to wonder
When did I become so vain?

Anna's there through thick and thin
And she can promise that
To take me down, pull me in
It always makes her laugh
But still, she is my one true friend
With whom I share my strife
She says she'll be there 'till the end
Since I sold her my life

I want to be like her, my friend
More than anything in the world
She's broken things i cannot mend
As her words around me twirl
So Anna taunts and Anna teases
She says it's just for fun
But my confidence, she seizes
'Cause she will not be outdone

Anna can't be lost from me
Her grip holds way too tight
She shows me things I cannot see
That are hidden in the light
And when I start to wither
Anna grins and cheers
Without my heat, I shiver
And I weep with frozen tears

But anna lies, sometimes she's evil
So desperate I become
This torture was primeval
I didn't see from early on
Her devil has possessed me now
There is no other way
Anna just laughs, she counts down
Every single wasted day

I walk and my bones rattle
To the tune of Anna's song
I know I'll lose this battle
Because Anna's never wrong
My stomach cries for something
That I cannot be fed
Anna pummels me in her prize ring
With insults that burn blood red

She is what I desire
More than some face in the crowd
Though Anna's my supplier
Of these promises I vowed
It's more than just my secret
Some hope that I deposit
To her, and she will keep it
I'm the skeleton in her closet

She wants me to be nothing more
Some skin, calcium, and marrow
To become the vision I adore
And wind my mind too narrow
I learn to like my stomach groans
As she strips away my pride
With cheek bones, ribcage, white hipbones
My well-being on the side

So when my body fails me
Anna's simply too inept
To know I hate the self I see
That I'd rather die than to accept!
But Anna will find another soul
Now that I've reached my end
Another soul who can't control
My one and only friend

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