It Came Without Warning

February 20, 2009
By Samarie GOLD, Princeton, New Jersey
Samarie GOLD, Princeton, New Jersey
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We ride with the windows down
Red-eyed and wandering
I kissed you on New Years
It's September and I can't forget you
And this is the single thing
I wish I could change

You are a veil of second-hand smoke
You are the autumn that burns this state
You are, you are

He tells me tears are pointless in the rain
We've grown up so much
And we'll all never be the same
Don't say its just lust
I think about it too much
My obsession that came without warning

I think about it when we burn our lungs
I think about it when we soak our throats
I think, I think

And so, red-eyed we drive
Just like how your friend died
Two days before New Years I held you in my arms
You kissed me in the cemetery
Coffee, gum, and cigarettes in the rain
It rains in September, I sink in the car and cry

This is the night I cannot remember
This is the night I'll never forget
This is, this is: The end

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