Senses- A Homeless Poem

February 20, 2009
By Catherine Washington BRONZE, Farmington HIlls, Michigan
Catherine Washington BRONZE, Farmington HIlls, Michigan
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I wake up from my deep sleep
Feeling the cold cement under me
Feeling the accumulated snow on my tattered blanket
Feeling a gnawing headache gradually causing nausea
Feeling my feet slowly work
Feeling unaware of my surroundings
Feeling despair as I realize I'm in a church
Felling helpless, abandoned

I quickly walk while hunger gets the best of me
Hearing my stomach growl with throbbing pain
Hearing the passing cars mocking my existence
Hearing my ragged boots hit the pavement
Hearing the noise of the locals
Hearing my thoughts slowly stop
Hearing kids my age laugh
Hearing myself cry

I wipe away the up coming tears
Tasting my dry empty mouth
Tasting the salt as I start to bawl
Tasting my disgust of the cowardly action
Tasting the disgust of faces around me
Tasting my displeasing gag of hunger
Tasting the scent of pricey food

I step into the expensive eatery
Seeing the expressions of rich faces
Seeing expressions of my rich enemies
Seeing the waitress inform her boss of my presence
Seeing tips on the tables
Seeing many horrible opportunities
Seeing my hand take the money and run

I go back to my "home"
Smelling the alcohol rinse out of my hair
Smelling the decayed towel wipe up the mess
Smelling the stale bologna and bread entering my throat
Smelling my puke on the floor
Smelling gum take the edge of the hunger
Smelling relief

I lie on the cold floor
Feeling my hunger subside
Hearing my soft whimpers pulling me into deep sleep
Tasting the imaginary food I long for
Seeing the imaginary parents I long for
Smelling the home I long for

The author's comments:
My Language Arts teacher had us write a homeless poem and this was honestly my best one yet.

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