I Depict in You My Sorrows

February 20, 2009
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I depict in you my own sorrows
Drowning my soul in the nuisance of life.
Marketing mu dreams-or nightmares . .. .
Many things taken and given yet my
Worthiness thought the latter will never come.
But my goal is just even as I stand in
Reach of it.
It never changes
Never changed.
I cement to you m y failures
By my feet as much as my hands,
Tripping over the other with poignant
Indignity and infallible sense of destruction.
Sending in with awesome will,
My fate decided yet made macabre images in my heart.
Just who am I?
Am I just some forgotten soul in the
world in need of guidance?
Or am I great in the making, free to ponder
The enormity of my life, if it is indeed that big?

Foraging old talents, much is anticipated,
Little delivered.
I'm stammering away my every reason.
Not without justice
Staring down with vague finality

The adamant cup held not
To my lips but the brim tilted towards the mouth of incredulity,
Shivering at every arsenic laced drop.

Grains of love between my fingernails
I scratch at whatever stays my way
But my life is resolved,
I've shunned you too long before
Give way to my life!
Stand up for me!
As I kneel for you!
Whosoever brought this plight, or lack thereof, upon me,
I give to you my every strength.

We can start now.

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