Words of Pain

February 21, 2009
You are always disappointed
In everything I do
I will make something of myself
This I promise you

I won't take this from you
You can't control my life
I will have my greatness
You will have your strife

I am full of dreams
You are full of anger
No longer do I know you
You have become a stranger

I can see hatred in your eyes
Can you see my pain?
My heart you are killing
Like a mighty lion slain

My heart contains great love for you
It aches for understanding
I cannot be perfect
Yet perfection you are demanding

My heart is torn wide open
My confidence destroyed
If I am seen crying
You become annoyed

I am growing up more everyday
My pain soon will end
I will always love you
But no longer see you as a friend

My happiness in coming
I hear the song she sings
But your hatred is already here
I feel the pain it brings

Your actions speak much louder
Than any words you say
I hear you say you love me
But I see the hatred stay

This is how I feel
And if you want it to change
Lock up your hatred
Release love from its cage

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Starrlyt said...
Mar. 30, 2010 at 11:53 am
Absolutely ingenious.  I love it!!!
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