wishes on paper stars.

February 22, 2009
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i cut out paper stars and color them black. on starless nights, i drop them from my rooftop and watch them fall, slowly, and fade into the grass below.

and as they fall, i wish on them. it's the same wish, over and over and over.

'what do you want most?' you ask me, your warm brown eyes staring into my dark ones.

but i have to look away. i'll never be able to tell you that the only thing i want anymore is for you to be happy.

'i'm sorry,' i tell you over the phone the next day, my eyes staring at an empty wall in my room.

'for what?' you ask, confused.

'i failed,' i say, wrapping a blanket around me. 'i failed.'

because none of those wishes have come true.

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Starrlyt said...
Mar. 30, 2010 at 12:10 pm
Oh wow, that's sooo deep. I loved it!!!!
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