The Many Sides of Family

February 18, 2009
By M.C.Black BRONZE, Florence, South Carolina
M.C.Black BRONZE, Florence, South Carolina
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Family is held so very dear,
Treasured by young as well as old,
Family is a roller coaster ride,
Its ups and downs, though, all teach us a lesson,
When tradgedy occurs and parents split,
It is NOT your fault,
When people go off from doing bad things,
You had NOTHING to do with it,
Family,is normally just thought of as wonderful,
And when the not wonderful things happen,
Do not feel to blame,
You did nothing wrong,
It is not your fault,
Even though it may seem hard to carry on,
Hold your head up high,
You are a wonderful person,
Inside and out,
Family, can be summed up in three simple words,

The author's comments:
When people talked about family and I thought about mine, it was always good thoughts. But then tradgedy, with my dad. Then I felt out of place. Next mom decides that they're gonna split up. My first thought, its all my fault. But I soon came to realize, it really wasn't, and it inspired me to write this. Its about how family is wonderful, loving, caring, but sadly, also full of tradgedy. But no matter what happens, its NOT YOUR FAULT.

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