Black Society

February 10, 2009
By Dahron Ruffin BRONZE, Rayne, Louisiana
Dahron Ruffin BRONZE, Rayne, Louisiana
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I went asleep lastnite, tired from the fight.
The fight that ive been fighting, all of my life.
&& I woke up this morning, feeling brand new.
Because the dreams that Ive been dreaming, they have finally come true!
Black History Month, its more than an ordinary month to mee.
Its a time of the year i look back, at the wonders my ancsetors left to be.
From things they invented, to miracles they worked when in doubt.
Time wayyyyyy before intergration, when negros where always left out.
I can hold my head up high FINALLY, because my people faught for that.
No more beatings by the other man, Nor uneccessary bruises upon our backs!
Im proud to be a Young African-Amercian male in this society in which I live today.
Constantly thankn GOD for our president, didnt honestly believe it would happen this wayy.
Harriet Tubman, she snucks the slaves away.. so they could fight to see another dayy.
M.L.K. faught the fight for freedom, tired of crying nite and dayy.
Obama won his seat in society,
with an all well-out plan.
Now all my fellow African-Americans can finally believe "Yess We Can"
Rosa Parks sat, so that MLK could walk, MLK walked so that Obama could run, Barck Obama ran so that all the children could fly, so now I'm off to spread my wings, you can meet me in the sky.

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on Mar. 5 2009 at 6:25 am
Elizabethm BRONZE, Hulbert, Oklahoma
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I LOVE this. LOVE it!!!

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