February 5, 2009
By Stacey Colby BRONZE, Milton, New Hampshire
Stacey Colby BRONZE, Milton, New Hampshire
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In your fears you lose me,
Cancer steals away your passion,
And the smile that you elated.

You search for my missing pieces,
A way to put me back together again,
And the power to grasp me forever.

You're lost,
Craving for one last time to stare into my eyes,
Searching for your own way to join me,
Though you're slowly diminishing to just the thought.

I'm lost-
In a world I'm not familiar with,
Gazing at you're lonely, depressed form,
Imagining my lifeless hands grasping yours one last time.

I realize your memory slowly losing thought of me,
You soon will move on to yet another,
And I no longer become your vision.

One again I am lost-
Left with nothing but a lifeless body,
Still crammed with emotion,
And a heart still soaked in you affection.

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