January 26, 2009
By sarah brown, A Place, CO

She is nice and sweet
She does not deserve this
Any of it
But why is it happening

She works hard for
Her mom, brother,
And her step dad
But why did he do this

“good bye” off she goes
She is planning to work
In the city
All alone
No one there with
Her to help

“what are you doing”
Scared, not understanding
What her step dad has done
She does not understand

“I owe you nothing”
She has been sold
She must pay back
She thinks why he did this
I never got any of the money
“oh but yes your da did”

Night after night
In one room locked up

Trapped, mad, scared
Lost, and disgusted
She feels to much

The man comes in
Her eyes are shut
This money
As her pink dress
Slides up her thighs

Its nothing new
Everyday I must
Do as I am told
So I can pay off
This money my step
Father has taken

Take her away
Get her out
Of their
This must stop

A new room
same place
New people
A place with a t.v.
More food to eat
Drinks to drink

This nightmare
Has not ended
When will it

The author's comments:
i wrote this about the book sold and to me this does send a clear messeage but you need to look a little depper

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