January 22, 2009
By Sarah Brown, Aurora, CO

We are here in this world
Which you are not longer present
We've come far in searching
For someone to take your place,
Better then you did and someone
With a heart of love, to open and
Share with us. We are growing
Older everyday as we learn
From our mistakes, your mistakes
And others along this journey
We are all different in our ways
But the pain is the same inside.
Your absence has only made
Us stronger and if it wasn't
For you we wouldn't have each other.
We don't always see eye to eye but
The need for someone who has a piece of
You are in all of us. We can't always
Find it but we know it's there. It might be
In their heart as they speak,
In their smile as they joke,
Or in there hugs
You weren't there for thick and thin
But in the end there where friends
So thanks DAD for your absence.

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