January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Ruff Ruff
People stepping on paws
My Tail tucked behind my legs
Only faces I see are little children
They grab at me but are grabbed back by parents
I look for places to go but I can only see people running
Water is getting to my paws and i am getting cold
I look up and only see darkness
Boat tips and I loose balance
Ruff Ruff
People knocking me over
Getting up and repeats over again
I run to the deck and see people jumping
I put my paws on the railing and look down at the bodies
I step back and look for some ware to go
I get pushed and kick and i fall
The water feels like needles prickling my body
I get to the top off water but get dunked in again
People trying to stay a float are grasping everything around them
My paws loose feeling and my legs begin to move slower and slower
I feel a hand grab the back of my neck and I fly out of the water onto a lifeboat
My fur begins to stiffen and starts frosting up
Children hold on to me and throw their arms around me to keep me warm

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