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February 15, 2009
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Home is where my family is,
it's like a neatly cut diamond;
it will always sparkle in my eyes.

Moving countries is all too familiar,
like a phone call disconnected.

For some time you feel lost-
like a leaf in fall,
falling off its branch,
never to return again.

Yet, one day, you wake up and see,
that what once was uncomfortably new,
is now soothing, like the smell of coffee on Saturday morning.
Just like a phone call reconnected,
and a flower reunited with fresh water,
blooming vigorously once more.

Home is when no packing boxes or bubble wrap is left.
Home is when you are no longer longing for that same comfort of your past.
This is becoming your past, present and future.
And for years to come,
you will discover comfort, trust, and love,
all over again, under one roof.

Home is anywhere-
wherever you don't question being there.
Home is where you are like a sharpened pencil,
never getting dull.
Wherever you can run around in your pajamas and not feel embarrassed.
The home is you,
and you are the home.

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