February 15, 2009
By Gummyraccoon BRONZE, Alto, Georgia
Gummyraccoon BRONZE, Alto, Georgia
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Bound by these ropes and
Chained by these bars all
Misery but yet we are freed
By these wings and given
Our newborn life

Such sweet innocence tainted
By blood we bleed for murder
And scream for peace but don't
Waste your breath fore we will
All see our demise

Such sweet sorrow our immortality
Can hold yet life will soon end for
Us as well but there is no peace for
These monsters who are damned

Shrouded by darkness and covered
In this veil no light will see how
Hideously beautiful we have become

Release our souls and let us drowned
Fore all we are is chaos to this land
So my sweet night take me away and
Save the beauty while you still can

The author's comments:
I know its dark but yeah im not good with other kinds lol

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