Expressing Myself ! Whatever The Hell That Means!

February 15, 2009
By , atlanta, GA
Its been a minute since I picked up pen and paper and expressed myself
Expressed my inner thoughts exposed my most deepest feels
Times are hard my mind has been in overrun for so long its hard to slow down to notice the change in myself
I ache in place that can only be cured with loved
I wish for things that I know can never be
The dreams I have are so full of mystery and one I can't seem to solve
Is it me that can't seem to keep a handle on reality
Is it the fact that pain relives me,pain brings joy
The only time I seem to smile is when all hope is lost
Maybe because I want the ending of me so bad that when it nears I smile
Who knows why these thoughts or even these words escape my mouth
Its been so long since that thing called reality has been good to me
Look at how well I'm expressing myself,yea its been a long time but the vibe is still the same
Who knows what the hell I'm talking about cause i sure don't
The words are coming, I'm writing them as they appear in my mind
I'm just expressing myself with meaningless words
maybe not today but one day I'll understand what this is all about!!!

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