Kaleidoscope Of My Life - A Poem About A Special Needs Students

February 15, 2009
By Anonymous

My Life Is A Kaleidoscope

I Don't Mean Colorful Like A


I Mean Broken Glass

Have Had A Lot Of Broken


Have Also Had A Lot Of People

Hurt Me

Like A Kaleidoscope

I Also Have A Good Time

And That Means

That I Am Always Colorful,


I Am Colorful, Broken Glass

And I Always Make People Happy

The author's comments:
A Note From The Teacher: The Person Who Wrote This Poem Is A Special Needs Student. There Is Not A Day That Goes By That He Does Not Brighten Our Day Or Does Not Make Us Aware Of Life's Simple Pleasures That We All Take For Granted! Life May Never Be Easy For Him, But With All His Might he Attempts All That Is Put Before Him. He Is A Young Man Of Excellence! And When I See Him, I Say A Short Prayer Of Thanksgiving That His Parents Have Poured Their Time, Attention And Love Into Him. As That Love Is Now Poured Into My Students Lives, and Into The Classes He Attends and The People He Touches Each And Every Day. He Makes Every Day For Me...
A Day Of Thanksgiving!

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