Invisible by being Normal

February 14, 2009
By Kaity-Lynn SILVER, Lindsay, Oklahoma
Kaity-Lynn SILVER, Lindsay, Oklahoma
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She's the wallflower
Invisible to everyone
Out of sight
Out of mind
She walks along the lockers
Being bumped and shoved
People pretending she's not there
Like she's wearing camouflage
Being seeable so rare
Like she's hiding in a collage
Why don't people ever care?
Like someone tattooed a sign on her that says beware

What's wrong with her?
Is she not pretty enough?
Should she change her hair?
Is her figure not toned enough?
Should her clothes be more revealing?
Does she need to act tough?
Why don't guys think she's appealing?

She thinks of how to catch the eye of a good guy
To get the so much confidence
she might think she could fly
have people notice her absence
but what could she do?
Buy something new?
Perhaps an amazing wonderbra?
have all the boys go dumbfounded in awe?
Maybe a short mini skirt?
And a low-cut tight shirt?
That would certainly get the guys to flirt
But certainly attract some perverts

Even more so, she'd like to have a valuable friend
Not a wicked fiend
Someone who she can depend
And spend time with on the weekend
Someone who will be loyal and true
And get her ice cream when she's feeling blue
Someone who will make her cry
Only because she's laughing so hard
Someone who will be an ally
By never leaving her scarred

She's not ugly or grotesque
But doesn't look up from her desk
Not dumb or slow
Just gave up trying to impress a long time ago
Neither competitive nor athletic
It must be genetic
Sweet and shy
Sometimes she wishes to just weep and cry out buh-bye

Not the best in any one thing
But plain in every way
Average is a curse
But being normal is even worse
She imagines an alternate universe
Where she's the beauty not the geek
Mysterious, exceptional, exciting, memorable, unique

The girl you'd always want to meet
Not the girl who feels incomplete
Not the girl you could just delete

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