February 14, 2009
By lisa hoang BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
lisa hoang BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Who's that girl you always see
The mysterious girl walking down the hall
With long dark hair-
Her shield against the world
Those piercing eyes-
Looks right through you
Filled with misery
And unshed tears

No one know
The pain she's been dealt with
Everyday of her life
No one sees
Silent tears falling
With no hope of ever stopping
No one cares enough to notice

Evidence on her arms
Her will diminishing each day
Why will no one help her?
She's drowning
With no life raft
No chance of getting out of the water
She is forever falling

She wonders each and every day
Why her?
Someone lend her a hand
Watching helplessly from the outside
I shed thetears
She refuses to no longer shed

Lonliness an despair takes over
Unnoticed she cotinues to go on
Unnoticed was she when she was gone
Unnoticed, an gone forever
Freed from her bonds

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