The Sister Poem: The One about Potatoes, and Leaving It All Behind

February 14, 2009
By KennisLora GOLD, Palm Harbor, Florida
KennisLora GOLD, Palm Harbor, Florida
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It is the smell of potato chips,
And you swearing
that awakes me from my slumber.
Your eyes on the road

Looking ahead
(aren't they always?)

No words are exchanged during our journey,
just smiles and laughs
as we listen to a mix c.d. that summarizes,

Sad songs.
Fast songs.
The thumping beat
Keeps us awake
As the road stretches on.
(endless, yet, not long enough)

The lyrics
Slashing into our

If your eyes water up, I pay them no heed.
If my voice cracks with unspoken emotion, you say nothing.

You will be home
I will be home
Home will never be
Our home
At the same time again

But we pay that
No heed as we
Listen to a c.d.,
Filled with memories.
(play it again, sis)

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