February 14, 2009
By H63095 BRONZE, Myerstown, Pennsylvania
H63095 BRONZE, Myerstown, Pennsylvania
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As he neared the door
He began to cry

He rang the bell
He couldn't stand
To see all the people
As they cried

He stepped in
And let out one last "I Love You,"

He reached out
And slowly took back his class ring
No one dared to speak
As a silent tear ran down his cheek

He remembered their happy times
When they ran in the sand
Hand in Hand, Side by Side
Together for what seemed like forever

But now her hear was filled with ice
And he would never see her smile,
Smell her scent,
Or have the lingering touch of her lips on his
He would never have her to hold again

He slid on his ring and wanted to die
For then at least
He would see her again.

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