Leaving Her With A Lie

February 14, 2009
By Savannah Hudson BRONZE, Forney, Texas, Texas
Savannah Hudson BRONZE, Forney, Texas, Texas
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A couple of words, a wink, a smile
Things that told her you'd only be gone for awhile.
She nodded in agreement and watched you go
Never figured you had another plan, she didn't know.

To stay at your dad's ranch, way far out
This was your plan that she didn't know about.
You said you only wanted to visit, only gone for a short while
She believed what you said and that deceiving little smile.

Guess you were too blind to see it,
The sweet sadness in her vulnerable eyes.
Or maybe that just wasn't enough,
Not enough to end your many lies.

Three days passed, a week, then two.
She waited and waited, what else could she do?
All the while when you were gone,
It was only your word that she'd built her trust upon.

When a year passed, she finally knew
You had no intention of coming back; you had better things to do.
So the sweet girl settled for a different man
One who's parents had a big house and owned a lot of land.

And another year later, when you returned
You wondered if that was a bridge you shouldn't have burned.
When you first saw you, on the outskirts of town
She wondered why you even bothered to come back down.

You told her that you made a mistake and shouldn't have left.
She laughed a hard laugh and accused you of theft.
For when you left, you stole her innocent girl's heart.
When you didn't return, the poor girl fell apart.

Now she's finally happy, now she has a new beau
You try to put back together what you'd torn apart that long time ago.
But she won't allow it, won't even let you try.
For the last time that she did, you started that hideous lie.

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