what is love?

February 14, 2009
By CourtneySmilesInTheRain SILVER, Fairmont, West Virginia
CourtneySmilesInTheRain SILVER, Fairmont, West Virginia
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Is it the feeling you get when you are around a certain person?
Is it the touch of the hand, the lips, the arms?
Is it being close to people?
Is it looking into their eyes and knowing their the one?
I have no clue.
All I know is that when I am around him I can see onyone else.
Hear any other voice.
Feel any other emotion.
Think about anything else.
Everytime I think about it, I tune out the world.
No one knows.
No one speaks.
No one sees me.
He doesn't see me.
I'm invisable.
That's the way I want it.
Sometimes I want him to hold me.
Caress me.
Whisper sweet nothings into my ears.
Sometimes I feel lonely.
Like no one in the world cares.
God cares.
A voice in my head creams.
The boy doesn't matter.
You matter.
To God.
The boy will see in time how special you are.
How beatiful you are.
How sensitive you are.
He won't be able to take his eyes off you.
I consider these messages from God.
He is real.
He is love.
I believe that the boy will see me today.
I will not be invisable once more.

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