I Cannot Cry

February 14, 2009
By PoOhBeAr BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
PoOhBeAr BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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I'm sad because a friend and I had to depart
I'm upset because some boy I liked has broken my heart
I'm mad because I don't get what I want for dinner
I cannot cry because I'm still a winner

My house is not a mansion and my family car's not a Ferrari
I'm not deprived of anything, so you don't need to say you're sorry
I'm not the greatest ever, and all my troubles seem to worsen
I cannot cry because I am still an amazing person

Some people have no food, and no home at all
Some have not one friend and no family to call
I have that, clothes, water and food
I cannot cry because my sky is still blue

I complain about the little bit of cash that I get
People go out every day and make buckets of tears and sweat
I've learned to work hard and I'll never quit
I cannot cry because I get good things everyday, and i need to deserve it

Why should i even think about being sad?
I have shelter, food and water, a mom and a dad
Why should I even waste my time?
I cannot cry

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