February 14, 2009
By Alex baccus BRONZE, Centralia, Washington
Alex baccus BRONZE, Centralia, Washington
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i sit at home and stitch
i sew and i craft
i labor over my creation
my mask my cover
to ensure my safety
through out my years
of espionage and adventure

i sit back and admire my work
my mask so careful crafted
see where the laces intertwine
a perfect recollection of mine face
see where it ends
just above the cheek bones
a perfect mold of my face
see the lips
how they smile

how perfectly they hide my mouth
notice the colors
how they react against my pale skin
how they contrast to my features
look at how they hide me perfectly
notice my eye holes
how they frame my eye's
now locked within the deep reassesses
of my once lost poor mind

and i get up and i walk into the party
notice the masks of those around me
none so exquisite as mine own

The author's comments:
we all wear a mask. beutiful and orientide. baecause we all have somthing to hide.

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