The Lone girl in the mirror

February 14, 2009
By Kayla-G. BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Kayla-G. BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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There once was a girl in a mirror
That looked right back at me
Blinking her eyes so innocently
Her empty black eyes say Behold-
There is a story that must be told
Beginning with the words:
The lone girl in the mirror

I blinked and she blinked back
I winked and she winked back
I shivered and she mocked my move
I turned and she turned too
That lone girl in the mirror,
She pleads, she begs
Tell the story she says

The lone girl in the mirror, She is I
Those are my empty eyes
Those are the tears I cry
Those are my lips,
That is my sad smile
My story, should I tell?
I'm thinking'well?

My story isn't joyful
Or mirthful, it's sad,
It's about my life, my strife
But' If you insist,
Read on 'till I'm done
About the story of
The lone girl in the mirror

Why can't I be happy?
Play like the other kids?
Why I am not liked?
Was it I, was it something I did?
Was it something I ate?
Or someone I hate?
Don't ask me, for I don't know.

I'm that lone girl in the mirror
Sad, confused and lonely
I want to see light
But only the darkness welcomes me
I want to live,
But death knocks on my door

I want to dance,
But I am crippled
I want to sing,
But I am mute
I want to see the beauty around me
But I am blind
It is I, the lone girl in the mirror

I want someone to love,
I want someone to care,
I want someone to dance for me
I want someone to sing for me
They all are there, begging for me to look,
But I am deaf and blind to those around me
It is I, the lone girl in the mirror

Why can't I change? Why can't I look?
Why won't I dance? Why won't I sing?
Why can't I love or care for those around me?
I need the answers, the meaning to all this
But there is no book with the answer key in back
I have to find the answers myself
Why is it so hard, this tedious work?

I try and try and try again
Then I finally developed a plan
I opened my eyes wider,
I took in the scene
I finally understood
What life was supposed to mean.
Me, myself, and I
The lone girl in the mirror.

The author's comments:
This poetry tells of my life as a young child going to school. I always thought I was hated becuse of my looks or my speech. I realized that evryone is lonely and to become liked I had to interact with other lonely people. I want all the teens and children out there to know that there is always someone out there just waiting for a smile or a few up lifting words. You never know. They may think that they're that lone girl in the mirror.

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