My Heart Still Beats

February 14, 2009
By Allyson Vuong BRONZE, Garland, Texas
Allyson Vuong BRONZE, Garland, Texas
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"My heart beats for you" is what you say.
You may think i dotn know that its a lie
It may not be a lie for today
Saying without me youd die

I've put up with your crap
I have to admit it was sweet
That one day we took a nap
Boy was that sure neat

My arms wrapped around your waist
With your head above mine
Now truthfully it feels its just a waist
With you acting all hard and fine

Forgetting you is what i have to do
It's hard at first but im strong
You werent so cool,
When you heard i sang a song
To someone other than you

Together we are forbidden
Only friends is in action
In my mind i have though
About the past and the future

I've done it ool ive forgotten
And now my heart still beats
With or without you.

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