We Are Changing

February 14, 2009
By Taylor Harvey BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Taylor Harvey BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Each day brings us closer to our own unknown
Construing and building all the things we know and own
And here I stand poised but overwhelmed of the obstacles I face
When a sudden breeze of euphoria slowly breezes by my face
To bring me to that place

When the world was peaceful to my na've eye
When wars and misunderstandings I couldn't recognize
I guess it's clich' but truly ignorance is bliss
Because once you really know the explanations, they could never be dismissed
From your mind

The world is revolving, eroding, changing nonetheless
Our misuse of earth has undermined our own greatness
And as time presses firmly of future's marble door
Our focus is on this year's latest couture
You see

Man's state of mind is threatened by man's state of greed
The most change we make is in the most material and needless
While man-made 'remedies' confuse our minds and contort our appearances
Simultaneously, we rush towards ubiquitous Robinson's May clearances

We Are Changing

Our government now only works by incentive
Our continuing dearth of jobs has left citizens unattentive
Our leaders consumed of their compassion are robbing our youth
Saving us the trouble of ever knowing the truth

We Are Changing

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