Is It that hard to tell me the truth?

February 14, 2009
why did you do it?
you never told me the truth,
do you expect me to belive your lies,
like im one of the guys,
sitting around waiting for you,
is no longer an option.
im myself agian,
i got over you,
so don't ask me again,
cause the answer will remain the same,
im threw with you,
and your games to,
i deserve the truth,
so go away
i don't need you,
we no now your not gunna be my boo.
and im not waiting for you,
you lied to me,
like all the others do,
i thought you were something special,
and not what the others are.
i have nothing to do with you,
so don't stop me in the hall way
and ask me for a hug,
don't say hi to me,
or even bye to me,
you no longer igsist to me.
so just to say it now good luck with your life.

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