Then and Now

February 13, 2009
By AshleyNichole PLATINUM, Palm Coast, Florida
AshleyNichole PLATINUM, Palm Coast, Florida
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"the whole world steps aside for a man who knows where he is going" ~Anonymous

Your no longer the light that helps me through the night
Your the nightmare I fear in my darkest hours
You were the part of me I thought was eternity
Now your the part of me that is trying to fade away
You were my savior and brought me onto the mountain top
Now you lead me through the canyon
You were the every part of me, my reason to breathe
Now around you I begin to suffocate
Every passing second with you in my life
Now is like a trap with no exits or pleas
In the same token, every passing second with you not in my life
Its like being torn apart in every direction with no exits or pleas
The time it was from then to now
Is a chapter in my life I won't forget
You were my light,
Now your my fear
Everything about this is so unclear
Its one way, one second
Another way, another second
Each tick on the clock is like my heart beat
It never stops, and it will never stop for you
You are still the beat of my heart,
You are still who I love
No matter the time, This is true
Baby I love you
Never forget
Just forgive

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