The Journey of a Snowflake

February 12, 2016

One lonely crystal falling from the sky,

Then suddenly the air is filled with white.

As seen below they gently twirl and fly,


But each lone crystal tells a different plight.

Two close-by fractals falling from up high,

Each glad to have a friend at lofty heights.


Then more and more appear from nowhere. Why,

They're tossed apart so quickly that no time,

Is there for thought. No time to wave good bye.


But lonelyness is driven out when chimes,

Are heard below. All little flakes tense up,

For fear the ground will crush them in their prime.


A jump, a bump, a thump, and a hiccough,

And all at once those fragments lay around.

If they could sigh, they'd sigh a giant humph.


One crowded crystal lying on the ground,

But safely, happ'ly, peace is found.

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