The World I Rule, the Mind I Seek, and the Time I've Watched Pass

February 13, 2009
By Anonymous

I wish I ruled a world united
Where earth is sound and society just
For nature thrums glorious hymns
In harmony with the virtues of man
But this'this is not the world I rule

Gray seas reflect turbulent skies
Fabric ripping static is thrust
Onto a cataclysmic, impartial foray
Here time disperses into tumultuous awe
This is the world I have been said to rule

Once, there was a flowering land
A pond's ripple was only caused by water's child
Though now, a fallow tree trembles desecrating drops
As it sways under the weeping wind
It is enough to break a man

Now here I stand
Atop a hill, the wind roiling
Pondering on an idea so ludicrous
Seemingly inconceivable
Yet it is enough to make my thoughts stutter

Through my mind's eyes
I gaze upon still wind
Unearthly tranquility, unheavenly tranquility
Just the serene void in between
I laugh aloud incredulously

Here, on this hilltop, above the world
I view life painted before me
The way life is and the way life should have been
I understand the follies of man
To wonder at life that flawlessly

Indefinitely, on the canvas of uncertainty
I begin to convey my oh so ludicrous idea
With smug satisfaction, I work
The colors I choose does not matter
What I envision does

Next to the way life is and what life should have been
I truthfully depict what life can still be

Exhausted, I take a step back
Abashed at what I have conjured
The wind repels, reeling in on itself
Till it slows and freezes
I collapse, my face streaming with gleeful tears

With that raucous wind bound
Life turns to me
And I savor the earth's presence
Clinging to the pulsing aroma
As it burns emerald tendrils within me

This life I now again behold
I sculpt magnificently
Into this world I can still rule
This mind I can still seek
And this time, it now belongs to me

The author's comments:
Struggles of inner life

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