What I Want You to See

February 13, 2009
By SheenaR GOLD, Saint Germain, Wisconsin
SheenaR GOLD, Saint Germain, Wisconsin
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Pain sears through my heart
As I don't know what to do
I want to cry
But nothing comes out
I want to scream
But my voice deceives me
I want to relax
But I only breath harder

With all this pain welled in my heart
I feel the need to burst
To explode and relieve myself of all pressure
Could anything hurt so much
As when you deceived me
With those three words

You used them at a time that hurts me deep
At a time when you should never say them to someone else
So simple is this pain
It scores me deep and tears me apart
It makes my heart hurt so bad
I cannot breathe and I cannot think
I simply believe
I'm Hurt too much

Shattered is my heart
But strong and united remains my love for you
I may be hurting beyond belief
Yet I cannot find it in me to leave my love behind
Nor will I ever let it go
For you were the first to love me true
Or at least tell me so

This night will be rough
But I will be strong for you
I want you not to feel confined to me
For I know you wont
Yet I want you to see
I do love you enough to let you free

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