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Me, Myself, and I

February 13, 2009
By Edward Ramsey BRONZE, Jenkinsville, South Carolina
Edward Ramsey BRONZE, Jenkinsville, South Carolina
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Me, Myself, and I,
What others can I find?
Those others than my ming?
Because now I've left my mind,
An now I wish to find
Some other than my ming
To speak of things divine
And speak of beings sublime
In all they say and do
In front of heavenly minds,
In front of earhtly lines
Of rows and rows of minds
That long ago sometime
Made choices on their time
And how it would come to be
At ending of all time
When all the living people
Would come to be two sides
Of goodness and of evil
But Me, Myself, & I
Whereever shall we go, fo long ago, we know, we saw
The light, the dark
And chose light above all
And when we made the choice
It all became confused
And all got so hard
The road, the load, what I chose
And all I must oppose in all of those who chose
To crush all of my hopes
My dreams, my themes, my means,
And all those other's hopes
Alike and not alike to me, my brothers, and
My sisters
But now all that is changed
Now all time is up
Now all who accept,
Now all wo don't accept
Shall divide henceforth
And never see the other
For all eterniy.

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