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Sweet Love

February 13, 2009
By myheart BRONZE, Hockley, Texas
myheart BRONZE, Hockley, Texas
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The sorrow in my soul slowly took heed
my heart cried for him but there was no need
his smile melted my heart
but now were more than far apart
he is forever gone
im alone forever long
my love for him ever last
winds over take the dust of black
his kiss stay in my mind intacked
I am the weeper
he is the sleeper
his hearts content stolen by the reaper
the feel of his skin, the way it touched mine
now only memories left behind
the photo you took
now over looked
for three straight years in shadow it kept
for three straight years i'd done none but wept
for his face I no longer wished to see
his spirit now no longer free
I wait for when again him i'd see
for his smile lost, but not his love for me
I shall wait in the night
I shall wait in the cold
like he'd wait for me
I will once more wait for when our lips meet
the taste of our love still forever sweet

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BJAlover!!! said...
on Mar. 5 2009 at 6:41 pm
this poem is soo fawesome it makes my heart hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i Love you! will you marry me??????

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