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Stop and Stare

February 13, 2009
By myheart BRONZE, Hockley, Texas
myheart BRONZE, Hockley, Texas
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If you stop and you stare
right at me
what do you see?
will you weep in the night?
Is it part of your sight?
do you stop and stare
but look no where
do you dare?
when it's me that you see
do you flee?
do you breath?
can we stop?
in this knot
can we breath?
is it me that you see?
can you hear?
is it fear?
will you leer?
listen to steer?
will you reminisce?
to kiss
to love
to adore
to keep ever more
is it truth?
just aloof
alone on a break
life is at stake
is it such a sake
will you wake?
from a slumber
too far down under
are you stuck?
in a ruck?
a stop in the clock
are you under a rock?
kept in a lock
behind bars
gone to far
it it smart?
thrown by a cart
when you stop and stare
can you bare?
do you feel?
is it real?
not blue
not run
to understand
to stand
be tall
is that all?
do you recall?
what was last
gone in the past
too fast?
in this overcast
will it be?
will you see?
are you blind?
can you find?
do you mind?
to my voice
to the noise
to the spoken
do you speak?
are you weak?
left for the dark
nothing to mark
no light to spark
is it stuck in park?
do you know?
will it snow?
in the cold
can it stay bold?
the story untold
or lost?
in the frost
such a shiver
to our breath
can you come and rest?
will you keep to the test?
can you do the best?
will you stir?
do you brr?
keep to the cold
bring from the old
do as you're told
keep it alive
not to be dead
not painted red
a color of said
not asleep in bed
awake to be bled
will it be stopped?
why block the sun?
is it wrong?
can you stop?
will you breath?
will you listen to me?
when you stop and stare
will you care?

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