The Talkig Tree

February 13, 2009
By harry gren BRONZE, Hoxie, Arkansas
harry gren BRONZE, Hoxie, Arkansas
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The wind blows gently throught his branches wispering the memories of a tree and all the countless wonders he has been around to see from the very beginnig of time and a beautyful pariadise lost due to man's disobedence such such a very tragic cost throgh a sepent lie in his branches a tree can not be held to blame many suplied the lumber when the flood for Noah came from whence came the staff as Moses streached forth his hand when the Great Red Sea was parted adn he walked upon dry land they were there on calvery Hill as the Master hang hang his head when sin was nailed to a tree adn Christ's blood was shed they'll be in the promised kingdom bearing precious fruit and leaves for the healing of the nations to rid man fo desease thought a tree is part of a story in man's tragic fall from grace much more a part of redemption when Jesus Christ took our place so the next time your a liesure beneath the shade fo a tree listen to the wind in the branches whispering a story for you and me

The author's comments:
When I write my pomes I look deep down in my heart i find apart of me that is in morn for a better life

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