Play the Game

February 13, 2009
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Stare in wonder
With dead eyes, blank
Void encompassing, emotion ending

Whisper incomprehensibly
Say what is heard by ears accepting
Hearing exactly what they want
Time for freedom ended

Return to a abyss
Let ignorance close, "Old Friend"
Play the game

Boil below an opaque mist
Show the world the smile they want
Brief and convincing
Always the same

Lies roll like drops falling
From wicked eyes
Upon ears who listen closely to the echoes of their closed corners
Spread the water till a lake amasses

See my shame?
See my smile you mean.
See my life?
See your sigh you mean.
See my pain?
See my pity you mean.
See my tears?
See my mist you mean

Hold you glasses close-fog is encroaching
Your mind is mine, I'll play your game
See your own illusions.
Play with-in my Dark Fair

Find your freedom with-in my coral
See your limits with your blind eyes
Feel your power with-out muscles
Hear your TRUTH with mind feebled

Your reign is smoke, my illusions air
clear and gaseous
see my form
Oh wait-that's you
Play this game of smoke and mirrors
Play along-it's what you wanted
I'm giving you your side show freak
Laugh and stare, look all you want
Beneath my mask, I'll show you what you've been dreaming

Unsheathe your mind-play the Word
See my Shine as victory I claim
In secluded dark, with Old Friend
Stay your hand-you see only the surface
Of depth unbreached
By any but one

See my mind-see sea unending
Feel my waters-I'll feel your lungs
Send you sputtering and none the wiser of reality
Play your game and accept its Truth
Come to close, and lose with-out grace

With hide unscathed
Scales unturned
Skin unpeeled
Burrow your eyes to see my heart
Find my soul
Examine my mind
You'll only find your thoughts in each

Play your game, I'll play along
Rip my skin, I'll show you gravel
Feel the solid world
As lies become reality

Your Flight of Farces
Your Instruments of Instability
Your Groomers of Gas
Your Hills of Hollow
Your Teams of Treachery
Your Masters of Mediocrity
Your Enforcers of Erosion

Trust me I'll win.
Bear my scars proudly
Let you walk victor, unscathed
Just missing a pulse
Of knowledge with-in that silicon.

I'll play your game
Take the first step in this dance of spiders webs
Trip not a one
Dance with me, taste the razor's edge of hairs unperceivable
Come playmate, let's see who trips first

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