February 13, 2009
By Annisa Benyamin BRONZE, Rocklin, California
Annisa Benyamin BRONZE, Rocklin, California
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I have wandered the long road
You know of its spirals
Sought to uncover its distance
From its roots to the shore

I have stumbled through mountains,
Of rocks, never pebbles
and at times, you and I, have'



We have chosen the jungle
Lost thoughts of our valleys
Four years through our last years
We said we'll remain

When it ends, stride
To a City, a Place
A Middle-Of-Nowhere, a Somewhere
Care not to halt

To be taught, to discover
A newborn World, culture
The birth of wisdom
clever and Learned

There, where a thought scoffed,
An idea ignored
Grows branches, marvels, brings

There, where catapults
Launch you and i
Into Opportunity's realm,
Achievement resides, Success dwells

Our country will emerge foreign
It will give you and i
A chance to transform

Distort the standards, stray from
The known
Better the jungles once crossed
Mold mountains too steep

I will wander my new roads
You know of their beauty
Leave their end out of sight, to
Travel, expand their shores

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